What’s New in AWS EKS?


Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Kubernetes. It simplifies deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications using Kubernetes. This article explores the latest features and enhancements announced for EKS during the AWS re:Invent conference in December 2023.

Enhanced Scalability and Performance 

  • EKS now supports scaling clusters up to 5000 nodes, allowing organizations to handle larger workloads efficiently.
  • Improved performance with reduced API latency, resulting in faster response times for managing and interacting with EKS clusters.

Enhanced Security Features

  • EKS introduces fine-grained access control, allowing administrators to define precise permissions for users and roles within a cluster.
  • With AWS Secrets Manager integration, applications deployed on EKS can securely store and manage sensitive data. The new approach of attribute-based access control is managed through tags, meaning fewer or no security policy changes as new resources and applications are added.  New External Secrets Operator allows the use of AWS secrets manager as a native Kubernetes secrets store
  • Support for AWS private link, enabling private connectivity between VPCs and EKS clusters without exposing them to the public internet.

Simplified Cluster Management

  • EKS console provides an intuitive web-based interface for managing EKS clusters, making it easier for users to navigate and configure their Kubernetes environment.
  • Simplified cluster creation process with one-click options for defining cluster configurations, such as instance types, networking, and storage options.

Advanced Monitoring and Observability

  • EKS integrates with AWS Cloud watch container insights, offering enhanced monitoring capabilities for containers running on EKS clusters.
  • Seamless integration with AWS X-Ray, enabling distributed tracing and performance analysis of microservice deployed on EKS.
  • Support for Prometheus monitoring system, allowing users to collect and analyze metrics from their Kubernetes applications.

Enhanced Networking Capabilities

  • EKS now supports AWS App mesh, which provides observability, traffic control, and security features for microservices running on EKS clusters.
  • Integration with AWS global accelerator for improved network performance and reduced latency for applications deployed on EKS

Simplified CI/CD Integration

  • EKS provides native integration with AWS code pipeline and AWS code build, enabling seamless CI/CD workflows for deploying containerized applications on EKS clusters.
  • Deep integration with popular DevOps tools, including Jenkins, GitLab, and Spinnaker, allows organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure.

Improved Cost Optimization

  • EKS Offers support for EC2 Spot instances, allowing users to significantly reduce the cost of running their Kubernetes workloads.
  • Integration with AWS cost explorer, providing detailed insights into the cost of running EKS clusters, helping organizations optimize resource allocation


AWS is actively improving the features of EKS to make it more user-friendly and powerful in managing Kubernetes workloads. The platform has been enhanced with new features such as improved scalability, networking, and monitoring, allowing organizations to deploy and manage their containerized applications on EKS efficiently. These advancements can drive innovation and speed up a business’s digital transformation journey. If your organization requires any assistance with Kubernetes, please don’t hesitate to contact HighPlains Computing.

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