Our Team

Ajmal Mahmood

Partner & Co-Founder

Ajmal is Chief Architect for High Plains Computing(HPC), where he oversees AWS security, machine learning and Kubernetes DevOps, and Architecture services. Prior to Joining HPC, Ajmal worked for 20 years in enterprise computing, working for Oracle, Sybase and HP Consulting services as an Architect and Technologist.

Baber Tufail

Partner & Co-Founder

Baber is a partner and co-founder of High Plains Computing (HPC). He brings over 24 years of experience in IT and have worked with several fortune 500 companies including Oracle, IBM, General Motors, Bank of America, Bank of Montreal and more. In his role as Partner, he is responsible for setting strategic direction of the company, strengthen company partnerships with AWS, CNFC, and other partners to deliver consistent and reliable value to our clients.

Atif Abdulrehman

VP Engineering

Atif brings a passion for innovation and precision automation to High Plains Computing (HPC). He leads product management, strategy, and technical marketing. He is responsible for driving the overall strategy and technical direction for HPC’s automation delivery.


Atif is a software industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in designing, architecting, building, and delivering some of the most complex software products in Financial, Insurance, Retail, and Automotive industry.

Aisha Jamshed

VP of Business Development & Sales

Aisha is responsible for driving sales and business development strategies of High Plains Computing (HPC). She helps leadership team with setting up business development and revenue growth targets.