Super Secure AWS EKS

Fortified & Production Ready - Single Command Deployment of EKS

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) is a good service, but a fortified, production-ready, and single-command deployment of AWS EKS is even better. We are calling it Super-Secure EKS. Our architects and IaC engineers have infused industry best practices, security-configurations and components together to create a single-command deployment of super-secure AWS EKS cluster.

Key Features Include

  • Hundreds of security configurations, policies, and add-ons pre-configured as per best practices for Kubernetes security, including secure access, reduced attack surface area, workload protection, secrets management, and compliance with PCI DSS /SOC II.
  • Full auditing, logging, and monitoring of control and data plane.
  • Automated CIS Kubernetes benchmark assessment.
  • Pre-configured ALB ingress controller and optional firewall protection.
  • Options to add helm charts for Argo based CI/CD, Jenkins, Istio service mesh, or single sign-on services like Keycloak at a low fixed cost
  • Full support for GPU Compute nodes and KubeFlow

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Our Service delivery and engagement model is simplified for you to benefit from our products in the most efficient manner.

  • Needs Analysis

    • Engage with your team
    • Review current infrastructure
    • Assess the needs
    • Gap Analysis
  • Business Approval & Planning

    • Prepare and propose solution
    • Gather feedback from steakholders
    • Finalize the plans
    • Get business approvals
  • Prepare for Deployment

    • Fill identified gaps and adjust settings
    • Hand over the user documentation
    • Prepare cloud service accounts for deployment
    • Review and check readiness
  • Deployment

    • Deploy Super-Secure EKS Cluster
  • Monitoring & Supporting

    • Monitor and support

Reach out to us for further information.