Super Secure EKS

Fortified & Production Ready - Single Command Deployment of EKS

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) is a good service, but a fortified, production-ready, and single-command deployment of AWS EKS is even better. We are calling it "Super-Secure EKS". Our architects and IaC engineers have infused industry best practices, security-configurations and components together to create a single-command deployment of super-secure AWS EKS cluster.

Key Features Include

  • Hundreds of security configurations, policies, and add-ons pre-configured as per best practices for Kubernetes security, including secure access, reduced attack surface area, workload protection, secrets management, and compliance with PCI DSS /SOC II.
  • Full auditing, logging, and monitoring of control and data plane.
  • Automated CIS Kubernetes benchmark assessment.
  • Pre-configured ALB ingress controller and optional firewall protection.
  • Options to add helm charts for Argo based CI/CD, Jenkins, Istio service mesh, or single sign-on services like Keycloak at a low fixed cost
  • Full support for GPU Compute nodes and KubeFlow
  • Free Cluster Setup with purchase of 24 x 7 support plan.*

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Fully observable Kubernetes cluster on the go

Adoption of cloud native technologies and container orchestration systems can be challenging if you don’t have all the required expertise within your organization.
High Plains Computing (HPC) is your trusted partner in migrating your applications into Kubernetes, whether you are implementing it on a public cloud or on-premise. Our certified Kubernetes engineers (CKADs & CKAs) design and deploy end-to-end solutions and ensure successful deployment of your business critical applications into Kubernetes clusters.
Our engineers look into your organizational requirements and build your solution from writing Dockerfiles to releasing your applications into production using a secure CI/CD pipeline with no downtime. We are experts in AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) on the public cloud

On Prem Kubenetes

HPC provides a complete and end-to-end solution for on-prem kubernetes for organizations that do not want to operate kubernetes clusters on public clouds. For such customers we do:

  • Complete guidance for compute , storage and i/o resources selections to fulfil your application needs
  • Hosting of Production ready kubernetes with full accessibility , security and observability on tier 4-5 data centers for all Kubenetes
  • Complete solutions for kubernetes storage, networking and ingress. HPC team has expertise in ingress/storage providers such as Portworx™, Rook, NGINX Plus™, and several third party open source and commercial kubernetes add ons.
  • We provide training, sample applications, and starter kits for Istio setup

Preconfigured Kubernetes Utility-Clusters

High Plains Computing (HPC) provides ready to use single sign on and secrets management capabilities for your microservices architecture applications. These are great add-ons for your microservice architecture based application ecosystem, and help offload any custom work that a development team has to do for user authentication and secrets management implementations.

Authentication Cluster

HPC provides a ready-made EKS cluster that instantly adds single sign-on features to your microservices application. Applications will no longer be needed to store user credentials and PII data in application data stores. This tremendously helps security and auditing/certification of web applications. This solution is built around open source KeyCloak based Identity management and comes preconfigured with Istio and Istio Ingress controller, PostgreSQL, Redis Caching for optimal production use. All advanced features of key cloud including Identity federation , social media accounts based authentication and Identity brokering are available and ready to use . The solution is production ready and pre tested for scalability.

Secrets management Cluster

HPC provides a preconfigured kubernetes cluster based on a scalable and fail safe HashiCorp Vault based secrets management service. Vault is a Top rated secrets store and has a wide range of pluggable authentication providers . We have automated every aspect of Vault deployment and provide pre-tested Kubernetes clusters with Vault service running in optimal configuration.