Our Kubernetes Devices

High Plains Computing (HPC) provides On-Prem High Performance Computing Devices for your Development and Production needs.

We provide completely secure and reliable high performance compute devices for your development and production needs. These devices tailor made to meet all your computing needs. Once set up, these can be shipped to you for set up in your own data center or we can arrange a colocation for your in our tier-1 data center partners.

On-Prem Kubernetes for Application Development

We provide a comprehensive Kubernetes Application Development environment for your data centers on-prem locations. Our devices include all hardware, software, security, and reliability to get you started with your Kubernetes application development.

On-Prem Kubernetes for Production

We set up and provision on-prem infrastructure for kubernetes. On-prem kubernetes production environment offer significant advantages – in terms of consolidation, efficiency, data security, and management – while delivering resilience, high-performance, and easy to scale infrastructure. We design and build Kubernetes for production with unmatched performance and significant cost reduction as compared to public cloud offerings.

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