Elastic Kubernetes Service - Security Enhanced AWS EKS

Industry best-practices and security-configurations infused AWS EKS.
Automated one-command deployment.

AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service

The fact that cloud security is a shared responsibility, leaves a lot on every cloud customer’s plate to configure and manage. This spans all AWS products including AWS EKS. High Plains Computing (HPC) has created an automated deployment of best practices and security-configurations infused elastic kubernetes service for all customers to take advantage of our team’s deep AWS security, architecture, and automation experience.


Our automated deployment relieves your DevOps and security teams to go through the pain of many trial and error and weeks or even months to build something similar.

Our Certified Professional Cloud Experts are here to help.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service: A managed service just made better by infusion of security config

Our experienced architects and IaC engineers have infused industry best practices into AWS EKS offering to help you run sensitive and mission-critical containerized applications in a secure and reliable way. At HPC, our deployment approach significantly enhances the productivity of application development with reduced operating time.


To keep things simple and manageable, make a smart decision and adopt our Security Enhanced AWS EKS deployment automation.

Why Us?

Take your business to a whole new level with Security Enhanced Elastic Kubernetes Service

There is always a benefit of working with our team of experts:


Imagine your team being bogged down trying to complete the implementation of something similar to Security Enhanced AWS EKS on their own. This activity takes them away from their primary mission of your business continuity. With our expertise and implementation, your team will have a significant advantage over your competitor that chooses to implement this independently and go through the same trial and error that our team has already gone through for you.


Unleash the cloud’s potential with our cloud-managed services. A small strategic investment in your Security Enhanced EKS will exponentially increase your business ROI in no time.

Ready to make your business more efficient?

Business Impact

Big cost-saver that promises security, scalability, and versatility


Utilize autonomous AWS Kubernetes service for application scalability and effective computing resource provisioning to cut costs

Multiple Configuration

Explore various configuration options for VPC, ALB, EC2 Kubernetes worker nodes


With security patches that are automatically applied to your cluster’s control plane, you can guarantee a more secure Kubernetes environment

AWS Kubernetes Service - Capabilities

Minimize Attack Surface Area

Our solution keeps attack surface to a min:

Secure Access

Implementation of robust access policies and more:

Secrets & Compliance

Restricted access to secrets, tokens, certs.

Secure Workloads

No cluster workloads to violate any standards or policies:

Network & Endpoint Security

Network and endpoint security must never be compromised:

Cost Optimization & Reliability

Cluster cost optimization and reliability ensured:

How we do it?

Service Delivery Details

Needs Analysis

Business Approval & Planning

Prepare for Deployment


Monitoring & Supporting

Featured Work

Leap Ahead. Go Cloud.

Please reach out to us with any questions. Invite your team members to join us on a call where we can dive deeper into the service we have built, answer any questions your team may have, and provide you details of how we can implement cloud cost optimization for your business.

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