Kubernetes for Production

HPC provides low cost, high performance devices for your production environments

Tailor-Made computing resource selection

Here at HPC, we build scalable, secure, and green computing friendly Kubernetes clusters tailor-made for your needs. These clusters provide the compute performance flexibility and data security that far exceeds any public cloud Kubernetes offerings but at a fraction of the 1-year cost of operation for a comparable compute power in the public cloud. We achieve this unmatched performance, and the super-low latencies are because we do not use virtualization and oversubscription of resources and no part of the infrastructure, software, or hardware is shared with any other business. We provide many flexible compute power, memory, network bandwidth, NVME storage, networking, and container storage add ons and back up software options to provide an optimal solution that can be expanded as business need grow

kubernetes for production right compute

We configure it for Production

Once a right-sized cluster is tailor-made for customers, we set up additional Kubernetes operators and services and pre-configure it with tools for management, monitoring, and reliable operations. We try our best to match these capabilities with customer application architecture and requirements.

kubernetes for production right build

We test and certify

We have automated test of various kubernetes subsystems and we will pre test all configurations , backup and restore process and CSI/pod network add-ons before we ship It . we use leading CNCF certified kubernetes security scanning tools to ensure security and best practices compliance HPC will ship K8s with helm preconfigured with HPC Helm repo containing helm charts for leading open source infrastructure software. All configurations are thoroughly tested on the cluster and are ready to deploy

kubernetes for production test and verify

We ship it to you or have it hosted

We ship the device. To your data center of choice, along with clear instructions for setup/powerup To our affiliate data centers so we can host it for you. We provide 24×7 support for operations, upgrades, and enhancements. We ensure data backup, security, update/patching, and enhancement of infrastructure and software configurations.

kubernetes for production right host

We support it

We have an excellent support team of CNCF certified Kubernetes Admin team, which will provide support, patching, and upgrades to the cluster. The upgrade process to add additional worker nodes is made simple as we ship pre-configured node hosts should such a need arise. We provide guidelines and consulting services to migrate existing public c cloud applications to Kubernetes, making them Cloud provider neutral.

kubernetes for production 24x7 support

On-Prem K8S Cluster – Built & Tested

2000 watts green computing 4U platform  for microservices deployment

  • Fully redundant control plane 8 nodes small footprint  cluster, 20 GB network bandwidth per node
  • Managed switch and Super Low latency 300 GB Backplane switch capacity
  • 64 cores CPU, 512G memory, and   15 TB SSD storage
  • It is fully configured with high-performance Container storage and pod networking
  • Comes ready and tested upstream version of K8s, management /monitoring, Ingress controller, and service catalog to setup infrastructure software
  • Fully configured backup and recovery

4000 Watt green computing  MicroCloud for Enterprise

    • Fully redundant control plane
    • Four worker nodes using AMD Epyc 64 -512 core Compute power. It can run multiple relational and non-relational DB clusters, caching clusters, and hundreds of application/services pods.
    • Over 60 TB NVM solid-state storage and ultra-low latency over 400 GB I/O backplane

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