Kubernetes for Application Development

HPC provides low cost, high performance devices for application development

Kubernetes for Application Development

HPC provides Low cost, high performance on-prem Kubernetes application development devices for microservices and web application development. These devices support Green Computing devices with low energy requirements Low-cost Intel latest gen Xeon-D/Xeon-E CPUs, High I/O bandwidth with all solid-state in storage 3U -4U footprint. This cluster can be easily scaled to 14 worker nodes without changing footprint . This high density setup conserve Data center space up to 90%.  We can add hundreds of additional worker nodes  in the same rack if there is a need for more compute resources.  these devices are specially designed for high i/o bound micro services architecture.

These devices come pre-installed with application development, testing, and deployment infrastructure including GitLab, Jenkins/Argo, helm, and various other tools pre-configured and deployed in K8s cluster along with sample CI/CD pipelines. We provide helm charts for pretested infrastructure software that includes leading open-source relational and nonrelational databases, caching software, application servers, middleware and streaming servers, and web. servers.

These devices fully support CI/CD for Python, Node js, Dot Net, and Java development We have documentation and migration kits as well as samples for migrating Heroku apps, AWS lambda, and beanstalk apps, and Google App engine apps to Kubernetes

How it Works?

We build the Kubernetes cluster as per demand. Our build process is fully automated and takes a few days for complete build and testing, including hardware/software setup. Set up include hardware configuration , OS and libraries , routers and firewall configuration , kubernetes installation , Kubernetes container storage and pod networking add ons of your choice and Kubenetes application development support stack (Git Lab , Jenkins , private container repos and all infrastructure software needed.

We ship the device. To your data center of choice, along with clear instructions for setup/powerup To our affiliate data centers so we can host it for you. We provide 24 x 7 support for operations, upgrades, and enhancements. We ensure data backup, security, update/patching, and enhancement of infrastructure and software configurations.

Example Kubernetes Dev Workload

Our Kubernetes devices for application development can do the heavy lifting of all application s development needs for moderate to large size dev teams. In one example scenario, a single 2000 watts app dev device can be used by the following teams 

  • An e-commerce development team working on NodeJS and Java/Tomcat based application and is doing 5-6 additional microservices development that is part of the ecommerce ecosystem. This team has 10-20 code repositories, several dozen docker images and may need 50 -200 pods to set up the integration and QA environments 
  • A social media application development team that needs several dozen pods for their frontend and backend JS code, several instances of Redis/Mongo DB, API gateway, Ingress controllers, service mesh controllers as well as development stack of Git, Jenkins, and other development tools.
  • Several  small teams working on specialized service


For such a development environment, a small 3U  HPC app dev cluster can provide

  • 8 -14 nodes scalable and low-cost cluster 
  • 64 – 112 cores (128 – 224 vCPUs) running super energy efficient and low cost compute power (Xeon-D 21xx , Xeon-E22xx)
  • 1 -3 TB memory for the cluster.
  • 12-36 TB SSD storage
  • Fully secure and fault-tolerant on-prem micro cloud with full backup and recovery facility

This device can be rapidly scaled should more compute and storage as needed. all code and configuration and application data are backed up to restore the cluster to the previous snapshot.

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