IT Infrastructure management services for Digital Real Estate

Leverage IT infrastructure management services for your real estate business.

The IT infrastructure management services in the real estate industry is often quite talented, and the teams working to address the issues at hand are generally small and well-focused. Real estate companies can use some of these services to run huge, complicated listing sites with little or no IT infrastructure investment and become the next generation of listing sites, even with a tiny IT team.

AWS has incredible tools for the real estate business. High Plains Computing (HPC) team has worked with several of these powerful tools, so we decided to pen down our valuable experience.

Keeping up with demand fluctuation is the most important requirement for the real estate industry. Demand calculations and other infrastructure factors change quickly as the local housing market rapidly goes up or down. How to remain competitive in a very innovative industry is the biggest single difficulty, and it is not a good idea to spend money on outdated IT platforms and technologies.


Most modern web applications are containerized, and AWS has excellent solutions to run containerized applications with minimum operational cost and full elasticity. AWS Elastic compute services (ECS), and AWS Elastic Container Services are managed services that do not need a lot of traditional IT operational expertise or staff to run large-scale real estate web applications.

What makes us choose ECS & EKS?

They offer automatic scaling when the site has more visitors and auto-scale down when fewer compute resources are needed. Setting them up takes minutes to hours. Once a good application development workflow is set up, the project management team, with minimum IT support, can release applications and features based on business needs.

Applications are far more secure as underlying compute resources can be managed by the AWS team directly, so IT staff do not have to worry about patching the operating system or cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


ECS and EKS can run various workloads, including batch jobs for email marketing campaigns, data feeds from affiliates and brokers, reports and internal dashboards, and content management applications.

Targeted content delivery is another critical need for every digital commerce. AWS provides handy search and personalization tools that can be plugged right into the solution with almost no development effort.

Amazon Kendra

Amazon Kendra is an intelligent search service powered by machine learning. Traditional search engines find items that can be added to the cart and checked out. However, real estate users use the search functionality to research and make critical decisions about their investments.

Kendra understands the intent of people exploring, understands contents and listings, and provides the best answers. Building Indexes and other tasks related to maintaining the site’s search functionality are taken care of well for Kendra users. Kendra is complimented by another excellent tool machine named Amazon Personalize.

Amazon Personalize

Personalize is an excellent machine learning-based recommendation system that delivers personalized content in real time, unlike rules-based recommendation engines with many unrelated ranges. It comes with all the logistics needed to train and tune the personalization engine.

Its best use is to integrate it with every customer touchpoint, including email marketing campaigns, affiliate websites, and every device channel such as mobile apps, to gauge the true interests of customers and deliver them personalized real estate recommendations. Both these tools have a simple API interface, and no Machine learning skills or team is needed to implement them.

AWS Kinesis

Most digital real estate revenue is via affiliates’ and brokers’ advertisement dollars. Tracking Ads budget and spending and providing accurate ad impression statistics to affiliates is required.

  • AWS Kinesis and Kinesis Firehose can stream add impressions to data lakes and data warehouses. 
  • AWS Lake Formation is ideal for storing semi and unstructured data. It works well with Big data query tools like AWS Athena to quickly get insights into streamed data and provide customers and affiliates with how well Ads budges are being used.
  • For precise billing, data can be further imported into Amazon Redshift, a super cost-saving managed and on-demand data warehouse .it can do a lot of data slice and dice operations and is ideal for tracking and generating bills for resource utilization.

The HPC team suggests using AWS Amplify for core and affiliate sites. It is a full-stack modern digital platform that delivers real estate information to customers using all channels. It is like firebase on steroids. Its libraries and UI components support popular web frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, and mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, and Flutter. It has robust data synchronization capabilities, making all-digital experiences in remote or far-off places.

Its API is designed to leverage all the power of AWS Machine learning systems using a consistent and Industry-standard GraphQL-based interface. And it comes with CLI to help mobile developers build scalable full-stack applications, powered by AWS without an army of dev ops and support resources

All these tools need a minimum number of data engineering resources. Infrastructure spending is minimum to build big data-driven and intelligent real estate websites.

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