Introducing Amazon Q

Amazon Q is a new-gen AI solution that provides insights into enterprise data stores. These insights help increase a workforce’s productivity to better execute routine tasks like distilling key points, managing help requests, and clarifying guidelines.  Amazon Q can work as a Generative AI agent for question-answering across all integrated AI Applications or a Generative AI-based Business intelligence assistant that can create compelling enterprise data visualizations.

Amazon Q is a comprehensive Gen AI service with customer-managed Guadrails, governance control, and document access control lists (ACLs) to ensure only authorized users can access aggregated indexed data. It is a fully AWS-managed service, and its users do not have to worry about the underlying AI model and its training/fine-tuning. 

Following is a level of how Amazon Q works

The figure above shows how Q retrieves all enterprise data using various application-specific connectors. The retrieved data is vectorized and saved in AWS-managed vector DB for context when Q’s AI model generates answers or creates instructions.  The ACL associated with the document ensures only the users who have access to the document can access the generated information.

Amazon Q family has various services. The Q Business service can help integrate all enterprise data sources with the AI Model. AWS Provides a Q Console to set up data retrieving connectors from popular data sources like Google and One Drive, Box, Sharepoint, Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Jira, and other productivity-related SAAS applications. Once index Q can answer any question with excellent reasoning, provide great insights about crawled data from diverse apps, and suggest better steps for everyday workspace tasks, 

AWS also provides the Q Developer service. It can generate, test, and debug code, provide technical support, and help with all AWS Cloud services and resources. It is an excellent complement to IT and engineering staff. Its key strengths are that it is trained on millions of AWS support incidents data, AWS internal knowledgebase, and documentation.

Generated code and instructions/steps for development or devops tasks are high quality and accurate.

 It is connected with the customer’s AWS account and can provide excellent answers to many questions about cloud resources, billing, and resource configurations. 

There are upcoming and preview mode services. Q Apps allows custom app integration with Q. Q apps are unique because they are generated using Q, so business users can brainstorm and develop requirements. Q can generate new custom Apps that get deployed as part of Q Business and can leverage all enterprise data. So, the HR team can design a new employee onboarding app directly from Q.

Q Connect is designed for Salesforce agents to provide better recommendations and solutions as they interact with customers. Q Supply Chain provides interactive AI-based simulations of supply and demand change scenarios.

The High Plains Gen AI team is an early adopter of Amazon Q and has successfully deployed it for multiple customers. Our team and customers found Q a beneficial and impactful technology for boosting workspace efficiency.

Selecting an experienced and qualified AWS partner will de-risk and accelerate the evaluation and adoption of Gen AI and Amazon Q. In Addition to Q, our Gen AI team has extensive experience developing custom retrieval augmented generative AI applications using various Open-source and private models.

Discover the potential of Amazon Q through our complimentary Amazon Q Business  Proof of Concept application. We will 

  • Set up the AWS Q Business app in your AWS account and integrate it with AWS Identity Center and Okta.
  • Set up connectors for Google Drive/box/S3, ZenDesk, Slack, and another major enterprise data store.
  • Configure Sample Governance rules and verify document security and ACL

If you would like to discuss how High Plains Computing can assist your organization in evaluating Amazon Q Developer, Please contact

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Introducing Amazon Q

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