Accelerate Your Generative AI Initiatives with High Plains Computing 

Our High Plains Computing (HPC) team has worked with a wide range of single and Multi-Model LLMs ranging from BERT, RoBERTa, T5, and GPT 2/GPT 3, Mistral, Llama2, and various GAN/VAE/Stable Diffusion image generation models.

We have used these LLMs for classification, summary generation, and annotating text. , generate images and copy styles, and various other jobs.

Here are a few areas where our team can help you quickly adapt to Gen AI tech.

Select Appropriate Model

You can discuss the pros and cons of various models and sizes with our AI experts. The HPC team will help you select the best model for the task and size it according to your budget and requirements.

Fine Tune it for downstream tasks

The HPC team will help you fine-tune your selected model for the most suitable tasks for your use case. Some of the everyday AI downstream tasks we have fine-tuned include

  • Generating summary of medical charts and legal docs
  • Classifying and categorizing company business letters
  • Finding PII-sensitive data in documents,
  • Detecting medical conditions in X-ray/CT scan via vision Transformers
  • Find fraudulent transactions in the log. The HPC team will help develop models that can see patterns and anomalies.
  • Low-rank adaptation of big AI  models (LoRA)  so they are right-sized for the job and fit the budget

We can also help prepare appropriate data and train LLMs. Our dedicated data prep team can bring substantial cost savings.

Integrate with your application.

We can help develop an appropriate REST or Graph QL API so your application can leverage the Generative AI. 

Host your model

We can create a cost-effective solution in AWS Cloud or on the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) platform to host your model for inference work and make it accessible while securing it entirely. Our team has extensive experience of running models on Kubeflow and AWS Sagemaker.


Empower your journey into the future of AI by partnering with High Plains Computing (HPC). Our expertise in navigating the landscape of single and Multi-Model Large Language Models (LLMs), from BERT and RoBERTa to T5, GPT 2/GPT 3, Mistral, Llama2, and various VAE/Stable Diffusion models, positions us as your catalyst for Gen AI success.

HPC has seamlessly applied these LLMs to diverse tasks, from text classification, summary generation, text annotation, image generation, style replication, and beyond. Now, discover how our team can expedite your adaptation to Gen AI technology.

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