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We specialize in providing DevOps and support services for the Kubernetes platform

DevOps Made Simple

Here at HPC we specialize in providing DevOps and support services for the Kubernetes platform. As a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) company, we are DevOps and developers dedicated entirely to the Kubernetes platform. We support on-prem and public cloud Kubernetes clusters. Following are some of our DevOps services.

  • We help rollout microservices and enterprise applications on Kubernetes. We can set up CI/CD for complex microservices development with teams using diverse development languages and toolchains. We use Helm and Terraform to automate the rollout of all infrastructure and services on the Kubernetes platform and help dev teams with service mesh architecture, API gateways, and various types of ingress controllers and load balances/auto-scalers. We use best practices for application and container security and incorporate Kubernetes applications and platform security scanning as part of CI/CD.
  • We migrate existing applications deployed on the public cloud to the Kubernetes platform. Kubernetes platform offers much better options for application maintenance, reliability, scalability and reduces overall operating cost. It also reduces the chance of vendor lock-in. We provide step-by-step guidelines and best practices for migrating applications deployed as SaaS or FaaS model on the public cloud to Kubernetes.
  • We Automate set up of Kubernetes on-prem and on bare-metal devices.
  • We train DevOps for Kubernetes Support.

Our Skills

Our team of DevOps have combined 30 years cloud devops work experience on both public and private cloud. We have expertise with most tools and technologies used in Kubernetes echo-system. We can provide DevOps services for Kubernetes on Google, AWS, and Azure cloud.

  • Setup, install, and support of on-prem Kubernetes.
  • Design of replicated/clustered statefulset apps and ingress controllers for on-prem services and deployments.
  • Service Mesh architecture using Istio.
  • CI/CD for Kubernetes application development.
  • Migrating applications deployed in proprietary/non-standards formats on various public clouds to the Kubernetes platform. This migration reduces the cost of ownership and increases applications and services availability. Examples include Heroku, Google App Engine, AWS Lambda, ECS apps, and application deployed on EC2 machines.
  • AWS and Kubernetes Security.

Service Delivery Models

HPC provides a simple and convenient  service delivery model to help development teams roll out thier applications and services on Kubernetes

Staff Augmentation of DevOps Resources

We  provide fully trained and CNCF certified  DevOps for your projects. Our team is well versed with all major components and tools within the Kubernetes ecosystem . We can quickly do On-Prem as well as public cloud Kubernetes setup, create CI/CD for your projects. We use Helm charts to deploy your code as well as all dependencies including Databases, caching tier, messaging/middleware components, streaming and distributed computing apps  like Kafka and Apache Spark and any major infrastructure software.

Time Bound Fixed Scope & Budget Engagements

These are designed so an engagement manager and a small team of DevOps can quickly bootstrap Kubernetes adoption. We will help in Kubernetes setup and application containerization , security , CI/CD , service mesh and observability setup or any other  area where dev team needs help.

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