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Managed DevOps Services

The core focus of HPC DevOps managed services is to provide a team of DevOps professionals to our client’s dev team so they can achieve a quantum leap in productivity and quality of software they produce.
Here at HPC we set dev teams on a path of success via creating a software build and release process exactly as per their needs. Our DevOps team ensures rock solid processes and CICD pipelines and deliver solid and reliable Infrastructure as code. When the devOps team is done with their work , release managers and production operators will have a solid set of tools to manage and operate quality web applications on public clouds and all aspects of operations are predictable and well managed.

When done right, the benefits of DevOps can shift an organization's app development experience from caotic and unpredictable to a complete serene. One can expect the following benefits from HPC's engagement for DevOps managed services:
  • Velocity:Helps you innovate faster and put out new features for your customers at much faster speed.
  • Frequency:Increase the frequency of releases. This helps you fix the bugs faster, deploy the new features quicker.
  • Reliability:Once the things are moving fast, you need reliability, and this is exactly what HPC team provides.
  • Scalability:Ability to scale up or down depending on the need of your application load is of paramount importance. HPC team ensures that all devop implementations autoscale without manual effort
  • Security:HPC team helps you adopt a DevOps model without sacrificing security by using automated compliance policies, fine-grained controls, and configuration management techniques
  • Improved Collaboration:DevOps cultural model helps team to be more effective. This model encourages an environment where ownership and accountability are base values

Continuous Integration

Setting up a continuous build and release process for a wide variety of tech stacks is one of the core skills of HPC DevOps team. Here at HPC , dev teams will find helping hands who can offload responsibilities of build , unit and regression testing and continuous release of applications to various environments. We provide these services using a wide variety of build tools . If your dev team uses tried and tested Jenkins, we can stand up a scalable Jenkins solution on any cloud platform within hours , Python or Node JS, AWS code pipeline or CircleCI , React or Spring boot. We welcome every technology stack with open arms. we support dev teams with all their unique tool chains and dev Skills

Release Management

We put the release process back in the hand of real stake holders , the business managers themselves . Our devOps team work painstakingly to formulate release workflows so business can control which version to release and which group of users to get new features first. We provide tools and workflow so business can do releases using Blue/green deployments or Canary deployments with automatic roll back criteria . Our Managed devOps team bring this control back at the hands of business managers who know the real value and importance of features being released.

Neutral Approach

Our DevOps advise best practices but can work with any of the customer existing build and deploy process and add value to it. Whether you need promotion of code from dev to prod and do quick rollbacks or need to serially deploy in multiple stage environments before finally pushing to production.

Infrastructure as Code

HPC devOPs team excel at Infrastructure as a Code . We not only deploy applications via automations , we create provision complete infrastructure needed to run applications via Infrastructure code. This can include networks , routers , firewalls , gateways , CDN , DNS , database , caching and any resource used by application is all provisioned and configured via Infrastructure code safley checked in its source code repository. You will have a peace of mind that any component or configuration can be created , deleted, recreated without any expert involved any time , anywhere. Figure here shows a typical website and its infrastructure all created via IaC and application can be deployed/scaled up and scaled down on any public cloud.
Tools and Technologies we use for IaC include:

  • Terraform and Packer
  • AWS Cloud formation and AWS Cloud development Kit (CDK)
  • Python and legacy tools like Ansible, Chef and Vagrant