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High Plains Computing (HPC) is a cloud-based solutions company, a cloud-native applications support organization. We are AWS Select Partners and CNCF Certified Kubernetes solution providers. Most of our development and support work revolves around DevOps, MLOPs, and securing cloud infrastructure as well as cloud-native applications. Kubernetes and AWS are our core competencies.


Our focus is to provide CI/CD automation for all those innovators and leading-edge tech businesses that want to leverage the incredible elasticity of the cloud-based solutions and want to reduce the cost of innovations by adapting to cloud computing and machine learning-based solutions.

We continuously do research and innovations within our domain to better serve our customers, The Cloud Native Developers. Our prime directive is always to facilitate and optimize application development processes and become a trusted partner for dev teams that amaze the tech world with new and innovative products or solutions.

How do we shape cloud success?

We primarily use Amazon’s incredible cloud-based solutions to provide all the resources a development team will need during the course of the project. Some of our customers do research in clinical medicine; some do day trading; some others make cryptocurrency trades while a few other clients run online stores. But they all have one thing in common, they want secure applications and rapid deploys to fast track development process.

We have always been fortunate to leverage AWS and help build outstanding solutions that took very little time to stand up, had zero capital expenditure, and were highly secure.

Our Services


We primarily use AWS to provide all resources required for the development team and completely automate resource provisioning using Terraform and AWS CDK. Our DevOps team continuously creates new templates, scripts, monitoring tools, and testing utilities to help the development team.

These scripts and templates help quickly set up projects, dev/test and prod environments, code repositories, build and deploy workflows, dashboards, and alerts to monitor and manage critical business functions and provide reports about the optimal use of cloud resources.

We rely on our skills and DevOps automation tools to bring efficiency and productivity within the software development lifecycle. Our automation solutions can speed up development without compromising security and quality. The scripts and templates we create for dev teams include scripts to:

  • Initialize projects and set up code layouts and code repositories.
  • Set up development workflows, aka CI/CDs.
  • Stand up cloud-based solution development, testing, and production environments
  • Set up monitoring and management tools to effectively operate cloud-native applications.
  • Tools and training for Prod-Ops to deal with unexpected and avoid repetitive work 

Security Enhanced Kubernetes

The DevOps team constantly creates new recipes for automating enterprise applications, including our widespread automation.  One such example, automation, is used to deploy Kubernetes in the cloud rapidly. It can rapidly scale up when the workload increase. In its most straightforward configuration, the HPC team deploys a cost-efficient Kubernetes that costs very little and is ready for business work in a few days. We make it secure enough for all kinds of workloads and come with preloaded features like management and monitoring dashboards, secure admin access for AWS Principals, cluster auto-scalers, etc. We also set up critical Kubernetes add-ons like helm deployment. 

For advanced use cases, the DevOps team also has templates for super-secure Kubernetes, Kubernetes that can help and aid microservices development work, Kubernetes that can help do ML work, etc. Our DevOps team uses AWS ECS, EKS, Batch compute services, Terraform, Istio, KeyCloack, AWS Secrets Manager, and IBM Hyperledger Fabric.

AWS Cloud Security & SRE

We take security and production operations very seriously. Our security review services go well beyond the minimum required AWS CIS standard security controls to comply with various standards. We not only support our customers to get security compliance certificates, but we also work hard to ensure no bad actor can misuse your cloud-based solutions resources. We have dedicated professionals certified by AWS to be security architects and specialists who ensure that all AWS accounts and resources are secure and operating in the best possible way. 

We work with developers, DevOps, and other users of cloud resources and instill best practices so application, infrastructure, network, and credentials stay secure for a very long time. We do not offer a magic bullet for Cloud resources security. Instead, we do the usual hard work of reviewing policies, practices, development, and support processes to gather information about security threats. We then compile a credible security threat model for your organization and mitigate these risks.

We overcome security challenges by creating appropriate config rules that prevent future misconfigurations and deter bad actors. We also set alerts/monitors and periodic export findings to tools such as AWS Security Hub so that our customers can have a 360 view of security. We take security very seriously and ensure a comprehensive security review.

We review the configuration of IAM roles and policies, user passwords and key policies, data at rest and in transition, firewall rules, network security, and application endpoint security. We check the security of the OS and suggest optimal VM’s OS and libraries patching.  

Our review service goes beyond configuration checks and patching. We provide best practices for EKS, ECS application build and deploy processes, scan for top OWASP application security vulnerabilities and protect all kinds of workloads.

Our SRE Team is small but impactful and can help prepare for severity-1 events for busy web apps help in areas of DDOS attach prevention, web application firewalls, and content caching /CDN setups to cope with the sudden increase in web traffic.

ML Ops

HPC also has a dedicated ML and ML OPs engineering team to help create quick solutions that use impressive AWS AI and ML-based managed services. These are all API-based AI/ML services with extensive pre-trained models, and the HPC team can quickly provision ECS or EKS applications to leverage these ML capabilities. A few everyday use cases include:

  • Enhancing search capabilities via semantic search
  • Ability to forecast price and demand
  • detect fraudulent transactions 
  • extract text from old printed documents
  • add sentiment analysis to content publishing
  • provide intelligent bots and agents that can guide customers to write choices.
  • transcribe, understand and summarize documents 
  • Monitor and transcribe customer service calls for quality assurance.

We also help build custom models to solve unique machine learning problems. We have experts in NLP transformers, PyTorch, Keras, and Tensor flow to develop and deploy AI solutions.

We support startups and innovators

For small businesses, HPC helps review solution architecture under the guidance of AWS’s well-architected framework and make recommendations for operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and making a sustainable technical solution.

We can also work with AWS to get partner credits, credits for innovation, and various other programs to reduce the cost of cloud-based solutions for the initial years of a startup company.

Committed to delivering the best

Thousands of AWS and CNCF-certified Kubernetes solution partners have unique expertise and focus areas. Our focus is on best practices in security, automation, and excellence in Cloud-based operations.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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