OmniCorp Secures its Cloud Infrastructure using AWS Security Solutions


OmniCorp is an employee health insurance claims management company. It helps its customers streamline and expedite workers’ health insurance claims with state worker health insurance providers. Like most small to medium businesses it has all its applications and compute needs provided via a cloud provider and AWS and Azure are its key cloud providers.


OmniCorp faces unique challenges when it comes to securing sensitive customer information. They needed comprehensive security solutions that could protect their infrastructure applications and data from potential threats.

OmniCorp turns to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud security needs. AWS offers a range of security services and features that can help protect health insurance data and ensure compliance with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


OmniCorp stores critical worker health and other PII data so it was vital for OmniCorp to follow all HIPAA and PCI compliance guidelines for all their cloud workloads and applications. They need dedicated Security experts and they want to use software and services that can automate all compliance checks and present findings in easy-to-understand dashboards. Automated remediates and immediate notification if security issue was also another requirement so their dev ops can remediate any discovered security vulnerability as soon as possible. OmniCorp’s website deals with sensitive information and protection of the website from hacks, common exploits, and bots was also a key requirement. 

Solutions & Setup

The HPC team set up AWS Config, Amazon GuardDuty, and AWS WAF. The customer already had a software vulnerability management solution. All findings were consolidated for all accounts into a central dashboard that displays the overall security score and highlights critical vulnerabilities. By setting up rules and alerts within the AWS Config OmniCorp was able to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities promptly. Another vital security service employed by OmniCorp was Amazon GuardDuty. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, Amazon GuardDuty could detect anomalies and alerts in real-time, enabling them to respond swiftly to potential threats. Moreover, to ensure the integrity of their applications and underlying infrastructure AWS Inspector was deployed to proactively identify and mitigate any weaknesses in their system. Furthermore, AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) is deployed to protect web applications by allowing the configuration of rules to allow, block, or monitor web requests based on defined conditions.


AWS provides affordable, customizable solutions for network & data Security


AWS Security Solutions saved $0.6 million by reducing the labor needed to identify, assess, and remediate security risks.

AWS security solutions cut audit compliance labor costs by $0.3 million.

Security Dashboard

A dashboard is created to assess network and security risks and monitor compliance with industry standards.

Future Opportunities

AWS Security solutions play a vital role in ensuring HIPAA compliance for health insurance providers. By leveraging the capabilities of services like AWS Config, AWS GuardDuty, and Amazon Inspector, organizations working in the health industry can establish a robust security framework that meets HIPPA’s stringent requirements.


Director Health Insurance

“AWS security solutions have revolutionized our approach to data security. We now have unparalleled visibility into our infrastructure and can respond to potential threats with utmost efficiency.”

Omni Corp uses AWS security solutions to fortify its cloud infrastructure.

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