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Crypto Valuta, is a cryptocurrency services provider with millions of service calls being made to its applications by thousands of clouds across the globe.

Absence of fully automated cloud provisioning, CI/CD processes, and app deployment was cause of major delays in feature releases, un-reliable, and non-scalable application for a US based behavioral therapy & mental health portal.


The organization was having a major challenge to optimize its use of cloud technologies, which resulted in huge bills at the end of each month.

For the business needs, the managers knew that the bills were too high. With internal resources, the organization tried resolving the issue but wasn’t even able to cover the analysis of the problem at hand for months.


High Plains Computing (HPC) team, with their extensive cloud cost optimization experience, were able to pinpoint many root cause issues that were causing the bills to be so huge.

Most of the issues were involved with provisioning of wrong resources in the cloud, overuse and repetitive use of resources that were not providing any material value to the business.

Also, the client did not have any process in terms of who can do what on the cloud, which was resulting team members provisioning the resources that they never would need for their work. Given these findings, HPC team put a process together where proper IAM roles were created to ensure that no one can have access to set of resources that their job did not need.

For the scenario where wrong services were provisioned, HPC team proposed and implemented the changes to deploy the correct cloud services to do the same job.

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Tech stack :  AWS Organizations, Code Commit/Pipeline/Deploy, CloudWatch/AuditTrail, CloudFront


Seamless CI/CD Automation enabled autoscaling of cloud resources with a 30% cloud bill reduced for a renowned crypto exchange firm.

Within 6 weeks of the engagement, HPC was able to successfully deploy all findings and put a process together to ensure that previously repeated practices were not possible.

30% Cloud Cost Optimization: Once the HPC team was done with their work, the client’s cloud services bill had reduced from $700K to only $360K per month.

In addition to huge savings, the applications were now optimized for the response times and meeting all SLA’s set by clients and management.

Our team automated it all and paved the path for portal’s adoption and growth. With smooth CI/CD automation, we can help you launch a secure app within weeks.

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