Accelerate Application Deployments with Argo CD and GitOps on Amazon EKS


This case study showcases the successful implementation of Argo CD, a leading GitOps-based continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes applications, in conjunction with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Amazon EKS, an AWS-managed Kubernetes service, offered a robust foundation for the organization’s deployment requirements. By integrating Argo CD with Amazon EKS, the organization aimed to streamline their application deployment process, elevate GitOps-based release management practices, and achieve operational efficiency gains.

Company Background:

Our client, an esteemed ecommerce company, grappled with manual deployment processes that hindered consistency and reliability across environments. Recognizing the need for a managed Kubernetes platform, High Plains Computing proposed the adoption of Amazon EKS in place of the existing AWS EC2 instance-based solution. Complementing this choice, they leveraged Argo CD as their preferred GitOps-based Continuous Delivery (CD) tool. This combination empowered the client to automate application deployments, effectively manage configuration drift, and gain valuable insights into the deployment process while maintaining a strong focus on DevOps practices and security.

Implementation Steps:

Setting up Amazon EKS:

High Plains Computing embarked on provisioning an Amazon EKS cluster using Infrastructure as Code (Terraform) and adhered to GitOps principles for defining the desired state of the cluster. They meticulously configured the EKS clusters, ensuring the implementation of optimal networking, security, and access controls, all managed through Git repositories.

Installing and Configuring Argo CD:

The High Plains Computing Team seamlessly deployed the Argo CD controller within the Kubernetes cluster using a carefully crafted Kubernetes manifest, following GitOps best practices. They iteratively configured and fine-tuned Argo CD to integrate with the organization’s BitBucket Git repository, enabling streamlined application configuration management and leveraging the benefits of Repository-Driven Deployment (RDD).

Defining Applications and Syncing with Source code:

By defining applications and their deployment configurations within Argo CD manifests, the team established a solid foundation. These manifests were diligently stored in the BitBucket Git repository, enabling Argo CD to meticulously track changes and synchronize the desired state with the cluster.

Continuous Deployment (CD) Workflow:

To achieve automated continuous deployments (CD), Argo CD was seamlessly integrated with the organization’s GitOps-based CI/CD pipeline. High Plains Computing configured Argo CD to diligently monitor the BitBucket Git repository for changes, subsequently orchestrating automated rollouts based on predefined policies.

Monitoring and Observability:

Leveraging the inherent monitoring capabilities of Argo CD, the organization gained valuable insights into the deployment status, historical data, and application health, all within the context of GitOps. Additionally, the High Plains Computing Team integrated Argo CD with advanced monitoring and observability tools like Prometheus and Grafana, enabling comprehensive metrics and enhanced insights.

Results and Benefits:

The implementation of Argo CD with Amazon EKS using GitOps principles yielded notable benefits for the customer:

Streamlined Deployment Process:

Automating application deployments with GitOps significantly reduced manual errors, accelerating the release cycle. The ability to perform rollbacks and roll-forwards swiftly and reliably ensured better availability and expedited issue resolution.

Increased Operational Efficiency:

Leveraging Argo CD’s declarative approach and GitOps principles, the organization effectively defined application states and configurations within a Git repository, fostering reproducibility and auditability. With enhanced monitoring capabilities, teams gained superior visibility into the deployment process, expediting issue identification and resolution, all while aligning with DevOps best practices.


The successful integration of Argo CD with Amazon EKS following GitOps principles revolutionized the organization’s application deployment processes, amplifying release management practices, and driving operational efficiency gains. The combined power of Argo CD’s declarative approach and Amazon EKS’s managed Kubernetes service provided an exceptional GitOps-based solution for their continuous delivery requirements. High Plains Computing’s expertise in implementing this GitOps-driven synergy solidifies their position as a trusted AWS Partner, enabling organizations to achieve excellence in their deployment workflows with a focus on DevOps and GitOps principles.

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