Case Study Detail


Off the field, the Chicago Cubs baseball team engages a complex array of B2B and B2C markets. To manage B2B sales and marketing, the Cubs use Salesforce Pardot (marketing automation) and Sales Cloud (CRM).


Prior to contacting PK, the Cubs lacked the necessary data and training to leverage key Pardot features like Dynamic Lists (audience segmentation) and Engagement Studio (drip nurturing). They couldn’t judge the success of marketing campaigns based on quantifiable results. Critical customer data, like order history, wasn’t available in Pardot. They were hoping to take Pardot to the next level.


PK conducted an audit of the Cubs’ Pardot account, noting missing technical setup items and providing recommendations. For the Cubs to segment their prospects into targeted audiences, they needed to bring more Sales Cloud data into Pardot. PK mapped several custom fields from one platform to another. Our consultant used Pardot’s custom object integration to make order data accessible in Pardot. With this data, PK grouped Wrigley Rooftops audiences into several Dynamic Lists. Wrigley Rooftops, a series of roof-top venues located around Wrigley field, is one of the Cubs’ B2B offerings. Our team built a drip nurturing campaign in Engagement Studio based on the client’s blueprint. The campaign promoted hosting corporate events at Wrigley Rooftops venues. PK built a series of campaigns in Salesforce that encompassed the team’s primary marketing activities. One of these campaigns tracked responses to the Engagement Studio nurturing series.


By tracking their Pardot initiatives through Salesforce Campaigns, the Cubs are now able to view conversions and marketing ROI. Instead of entering stats in Excel, they can report on the number of Leads and Opportunities generated by each campaign with a few clicks. The Cubs are now equipped with the training and data necessary to nurture prospects and track the results.