Benefits of working with High Plains Cloud Service

High Plains Cloud Service: An Overview

High Plains Cloud Service is a managed service that allows businesses to outsource the daily management and technical support of their AWS cloud to the High Plains Computing team. High Plains Team is an AWS Advanced tier solution provider and AWS well-architected partner, and we specialize in providing managed services. The High Plains team possesses extensive expertise in AWS, ensuring that your cloud infrastructure remains secure, efficient, and compliant with industry standards. By leveraging the skills of the High Plains Cloud service team, businesses can focus on their core competencies while leaving the complexities of cloud management to the experts.

High Plains Cloud service vs. self-managed AWS account

AWS customers can self-manage their account and all cloud resources, but delegating that responsibility to the High Plains Cloud service team has several advantages. Following are critical differences between self-managed vs. Cloud service-managed AWS accounts

  • Configuration Management: High Plains handles all AWS accounts and infrastructure, applications, and databases.
  • Focus: Businesses can concentrate on core activities, reducing the burden on their IT team.
  • Cloud security: The High Plains team implements AWS best practices for all cloud infrastructure and applications.
  • Production systems Support: The High Plains team  Offers consolidated proactive support, maintenance, and optimization with 24 x 7 support.
  • DevOps work: if a customer uses AWS as a development platform, the High Plains team provides complete automation of build and deploy cycles for popular development frameworks and technologies, allowing developers to focus on innovations and product quality.
  • Configuration Management: Customers are responsible for managing and monitoring their infrastructure, applications, and databases.
  • Control: Self-management provides greater control and customization, but the customer IT team must manage the complexity of all customizations.
  • Expertise Required: Necessitates a dedicated, skilled in-house IT team for effective management.
  • CICD and automation: due to the expertise required, this step is skipped by many in-house AWS support teams, resulting in delays in the development process and 

Benefits of Cloud Service

  • Cost Savings: It eliminates the need for an extensive in-house IT team and reduces overhead costs related to hiring and training.
  • Managing the cloud spend: Fixed monthly pricing simplifies budgeting and expense control.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: The Cloud service team implements robust security measures, Ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, and Utilizes cloud security best practices to protect against cyber threats.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support: The High Plains Cloud service team provides Continuous monitoring of cloud infrastructure and Proactive issue resolution to minimize downtime. This helps maximize uptime for critical applications and services.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The cloud service team ensures adherence to AWS’s Well-Architected best practices, which results in quick and efficient infrastructure scaling to meet evolving business needs. We optimize the AWS cloud environment to ensure payment is only for what is used.
  • Expertise and Knowledge: The High Plains CMS team has extensive cloud management experience and provides strategic advice and optimization of cloud architecture.

Service Delivery

High Plains Computing is a seasoned AWS Managed Service Provider that manages all aspects of your cloud. High Plains provides a dedicated technical account manager along with team of AWS certified DevOps to manage and monitor your aws cloud infrastructure. This team will 

  • 24 x7 Production applications support via Ticketing system with clear SLAs and escalation mechanism
  • Pro active Security of infrastructure and apps with continuous monitoring for intrusion detection, vulnerability management, cloud resources configuration, and application firewalls 
  • Suport for Automated provisioning of all cloud resources, including computing and storage resources. Team uses Terraform as Core Infrastructure as code tool
  • Managed Network Operations with change control and approval process
  • DevOps 

Partnering with High Plains Computing offers cost-effective AWS Cloud operations. For more details, please contact us at

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