AWS Security

Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between AWS and the customer

High Plains Computing (HPC) DevSecOps Team has special expertise in AWS security and its shared security model and perform with mandate to serve and protect customer data , infrastructure , applications and reputation.
HPC DevSecOps team is AWS certified security specialists who can audit and catalog existing security policy gaps in security policies and practices, as well as help identify threats and provide actionable mitigations to diverse threats.
Here at HPC we help clients optimize their accounts’ IAM services and integrate with diverse security and identity providers and single sign-on systems HPC devsec Ops use all major AWS and third party tools to capture and catalog vulnerabilities and intrusions in holistic manners. Some of tools we use include Cloudwatch and VPC flow logs , config changes and drifts using AWS config and Cloud trail as well as threats and alerts from AWS GuardDog and Security Hub.

Our Data and secrets protection skills help clients optimally use AWS KMS , AWS Secrets and various other technologies to identify all vulnerable data in object storage and block storage .
We are experts in AWS CloudFront based web application caching and protection and provide best practices and solutions for web applications. This helps our clients deploy the Web application firewall (WAF) as well as protect their apps from DDOS attacks and attacks based on various vulnerabilities identified and prioritized by Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP)

Key features

  • Holistic approach for infrastructure, data, application, and authentication/authorization protection security with focus on using best tools to assess an catalog vulnerabilities
  • Readily available best practices and policies for most business use cases
  • Specialized and focused security professionals team

Protect Detect Respond Recover
IAMVPC Flow LogsCloudFront and WAF rules and black listingsIaC based config drift detections and resets
Directory serviceCloud Trail LogsKMS and AWS Secrets based changesAWS Backup Service
Cognito and Open OIDCloudWatch LogsAWS SES/SNS notifications 
AWS OrganizationAWS ConfigApplication /container security 
 AWS Guard Duty  
 AWS SecurityHub  

How HPC Team engages with AWS customers for security assessment

HPC team offers free 3 days assessment (for qualified startups) for upto 3 AWS accounts for security compliance and review of existing configurations for access , infrastructure , data and application security.All identified vulnerabilities due to improper configuration or use of resources are identified and ratification steps are provided. If a customer chooses to work with the HPC security team , engagement managers and project managers will be available to define scope of work and next steps. For securing web application HPC team has several years of experience with leading Web applications firewalls and CDNs including AWS cloudfront and AWS WAF.