AWS Security for Small and Medium Businesses


In today’s digital landscape, small and medium businesses increasingly use Cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to fulfill their IT infrastructure requirements. Moreover, ensuring robust security measures becomes paramount with the rise in cyber threats. Small businesses often face unique security challenges due to limited resources and expertise. This makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks, data breaches, and other security incidents. This article delves into the ways in which AWS can empower small and medium-sized businesses to enhance the security of their cloud environment while keeping costs minimal.

AWS Config

AWS Config is a powerful service that continually assesses, audits, and evaluates the configurations and relationships of your resources on AWS accounts. SMBs can utilize AWS Config to track and monitor any changes to their AWS resources. AWS Config ensures that any unauthorized changes are promptly detected and remediated according to compliance standards set by the organization.

Use Cases

Here are some example use cases for AWS Config:

  • Continuous security check of configuration
  • Identify unauthorized resource modifications or misconfiguration.
  • Track compliance with industry regulations and internal policies.
  • Enable automated remediation of non-compliant resources.

Related Incident

A Simple misconfiguration of one cloud service led to a costly BitCoin mining attack

In 2018, a global Fortune 500 automotive giant created cloud Kubernetes clusters but a misconfiguration of the admin endpoint URL let hackers use Kubernetes worker nodes to do bitmining for them instead of running its own workload. Bills of several hundreds of thousands were racked in before it was discovered after several weeks. AWS Config could have discovered and notified this misconfiguration within minutes.

AWS CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail tracks all user activity and API usage across an AWS account, offering visibility into user actions, resource changes, potential security threats, and remediation actions.

Use Cases

Here are some example use cases for AWS CloudTrail:

  • Monitor user activity to detect unauthorized access attempts.
  • Investigate security incidents by  API call logs.
  • Meet compliance requirements by retaining logs for auditing purposes.

Related Incident

Unauthorized access

By leveraging AWS CloudTrail, small and medium businesses can effectively identify unauthorized access attempts. In case of an attacker gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data, having a detailed AWS CloudTrail generated log of API calls can help significantly expedite the root cause of an incident, understand the scope of the compromise, and take appropriate actions.

AWS Guard Duty

AWS GuardDuty is a threat detection service that uses machine learning to identify suspicious activities and potential security breaches, thus helping you protect your AWS accounts.

Use Cases

Here are some example use cases for AWS GuardDuty:

  • Detect unusual API calls or unauthorized access attempts
  • Identify compromised instances being used.
  • Receives actionable alerts for immediate incident response.

Related Incident

unable to detect ransomware attack pattern

By leveraging AWS GuardDuty, SMBs can proactively prepare for worst-case scenarios such as data breaches or system failures. Hackers continuously scout for and explore new attack surfaces to attack and hijack cloud resources. AWS GuardDuty continuously monitors access to AWS services, resources, and network packets in VPCs as well as enters in DNS logs and can detect unusual access patterns and notify administrators before actual attacks occur.

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall)

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a service that helps protect your application from online threats like malicious bots and other attacks. It acts as a shield for your public-facing web applications.

Use cases

Here are some example use cases for AWS WAF:

  • It filters incoming web traffic and ensures that only legitimate traffic is allowed.
  • You can set rules for which traffic should be allowed and which should be blocked.
  • WAF helps you monitor what’s happening with web traffic and take necessary actions.

Related Incident

Sensitive Data leak

If not configured properly it could fail to detect and block a sophisticated cyber attack and allow malicious traffic to bypass the website’s usual password protection risking a security breach and data compromise leading to severe financial and reputational damage for the affected organization. AWS provides managed rule sets for WAF that are designed to protect against common threats.

AWS Inspector 

AWS Inspector is a cloud-based security assessment service. It helps identify potential threats in all AWS resources and applications, enabling AWS customers to manage their security risks proactively.

Use cases

Here are some example use cases for AWS Inspector:

  • It can scan all the resources to identify vulnerabilities in the underlying operating system, applications, and network configurations for SMEs.
  • Assess the compliance of AWS resources with industry standards and continuous monitoring.

Related Incident

Financial setback

In 2019, a small e-commerce business’ cloud workload got hacked. This unfortunate event led a group of hackers to hijack company web servers and use them as part of their botnet to target other businesses. This happened because of a critical vulnerability in one software component running on web servers for which a patch was available but not deployed. AWS Inspector could have easily prevented it. The outcome was a loss of finances and a damaged reputation. It took almost two years to regain customers’ trust and recover from the financial impact. Fortunately, small businesses can now use security solutions like AWS Inspector to strengthen their security posture and reduce risks, without needing to hire a dedicated IT security team or invest in advanced security solutions.


In conclusion, AWS equips small and medium-sized businesses with powerful security tools to fortify their cloud environments cost-effectively. AWS Config ensures compliance, AWS CloudTrail offers visibility, GuardDuty detects threats, WAF shields applications, and Inspector assesses risks. These services empower businesses to proactively secure their cloud infrastructure and reduce the risk of costly security incidents.

High Plain Computing

High Plains Computing (HPC) offers vital services to protect against cyber threats. We provide Incident Response, Advisory Services, Technical Assessments, Product Support, and Training by leveraging AWS security Services for SMBs.Our team works with you to improve your cybersecurity posture and recover from breaches quickly. Trust us to safeguard your technology platform.

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