AWS Security Enhancements

In today’s swiftly evolving tech landscape, prioritizing security is imperative. As a leading cloud service provider, AWS demonstrates a strong commitment to this necessity. At the AWS re: Invent 2023 conference in Las Vegas, Amazon Web Services unveiled a range of noteworthy security updates, which we’ll delve into in this piece.

GuardDuty, Secrets Manager, & Security Hub

AWS has unveiled its Amazon GuardDuty service enhancements, introducing Amazon GuardDuty EC2 Runtime Monitoring and Amazon GuardDuty ECS Runtime Monitoring. While the former offers runtime threat detection for Amazon EC2 workloads, the latter extends threat detection for EC2 and AWS Fargate workloads using a lightweight security agent.

Additionally, AWS Secrets Manager now supports simplified secret retrieval with the BatchGetSecretValue API, streamlining developer workflows. Furthermore, administrators can now customize security posture monitoring in AWS Security Hub by inputting customer-specific security controls.

GenAI and Security

AWS has introduced generative AI to its security tools, Amazon Inspector and Amazon Detective. Amazon Inspector is a tool that scans code for AWS Lambda functions and uses generative AI and automated reasoning to assist with code remediation. It can also provide in-context code patches for multiple vulnerability classes. Amazon Detective helps with security investigations by using generative AI to analyze various activities related to potential security threats and provide group summaries. 

Additionally, Amazon Inspector has a preview feature for agentless vulnerability scanning of Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute instances. Amazon Detective now supports log retrieval from Amazon Security Lake and can investigate AWS identity and access management entities for any indicators of compromise.

IAM Access Analyzer Enhancements

The AWS Identity and Access Manager (IAM) Access Analyzer is a tool that helps administrators implement the principle of least privilege by continuously analyzing user accounts to identify unused access privileges and permissions. It also provides custom policy checks to ensure that IAM policies adhere to the organization’s security standards before deploying systems. Security teams can review the findings to prioritize which accounts need action. Amazon EKS Pod Identity allows administrators to define required IAM permissions for Amazon EKS cluster applications. This allows the applications to connect with AWS services outside of the cluster.

Other Security Enhancements

AWS has announced support for mutually authenticating clients by presenting X509 certificates to the Application Load Balancer. This helps administrators offload client authentication to the load balancer to ensure that only trusted clients can access the organization’s cloud applications.


The AWS re: invent 2023 conference featured over 2,250 sessions and hands-on labs, with over 52,000 attendees over five days. AWS is leaving no stone unturned in its quest for enhanced security. The recent updates are a testament to this. As we gear for AWS next re: Invent. We can expect to see more exciting announcements. If your organization requires any assistance regarding AWS Security, please don’t hesitate to contact HighPlains Computing

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AWS Security Enhancements

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