AWS Cost Optimization

Your AWS Cost Optimization done right

Cost optimization shuold not mean loss or reduction of services for all your business needs. It really means that a business focused and disciplined approach towards cost reduction while maximizing your business value.
Our expert Cloud Architects help you achieve all this by finding ways to run your work load on the cloud utilitizing the best fitted services that are set to be autoscaled to meet the business loads at any time. There are many things that can be done to optimize the cloud cost, but here is are some important items.

Key Features Include

  • Prioritize business needs not what tech can do
  • Review architecture to minimize data transfer fees. (these add up pretty quickly)
  • Identify all provisioned resources on the cloud
  • Given the business priorities, find out if there are better alternatives that can meet your business needs
  • Complete a thorough comparison and review of options and short list the best
  • Implement the best options and deprovision the ones that are marked as redundant
  • Set standards for provisioning resources on the cloud
  • Always implement auto-scaling whenever possible
  • Allocate budgets for each component and set alerts to monitor the usage
  • Delay non urgent tasks to off-peak hours and provision spot instances
  • Everyone in your organization does not need acccess to cloud, so restrict it

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Our Service delivery and engagement model is simplified for you to benefit from our products in the most efficient manner.

  • Needs Analysis

    • Engage with your team
    • Review current infrastructure
    • Assess the needs
    • Gap Analysis
  • Business Approval & Planning

    • Prepare and propose solution
    • Gather feedback from steakholders
    • Finalize the plans
    • Get business approvals
  • Prepare for Deployment

    • Fill identified gaps and adjust settings
    • Hand over the user documentation
    • Prepare cloud service accounts for deployment
    • Review and check readiness
  • Deployment

    • Deploy Super-Secure EKS Cluster
  • Monitoring & Supporting

    • Monitor and support

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