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What is AWS WAF?

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) helps protect your web facing applications and APIs from bad actors that browse the web with the intention of harming businesses by effecting the availability of their applications or services.

AWS WAF is a security service that helps you control the traffic reaching your applications by blocking common attack patterns such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting. You can create rules to filter out specific types of visitor for an enhanced level protection, making it possible for AWS WAF not only block but also prevent potential attacks from happening in first place!

AWS WAF can help you protect your website against rule violations, securing it with an innovative approach that is lightweight and cost-effective. The service will deploy rules on Amazon CloudFront as part of its CDN solution if used in conjunction therewith; Application Load Balancers fronting web servers or originators running through EC2 instances within our cloud network (depending upon what’s most efficient); API Gateways providing access to third party APIs such as those found Square Register POS integratio

Benefits of WAF

Agile protection against attacks

AWS WAF is an excellent solution for web applications because it allows you to filter traffic based on rules that are created by the end-user. For example, one rule could be any part of a request such as IP addresses or headers while another may block entire URI strings from being accessed due their potential use in malware downloads!

Save time with managed rules

With Managed Rules for AWS WAF, you can spend more time building your web application or APIs against common threats. These rules are automatically updated as new issues emerge so that it's easy to get started with a protected environment without having an endless list of updates on hand!

Improved web traffic visibility

AWS WAF gives you near real-time visibility into your web traffic, which can be used to create new rules or alerts in Amazon CloudWatch. You have granular control over how the metrics are emitted and monitored from a rule level to outbound requests themselves for increased precision when analyzing trends

Ease of deployment & maintenance

AWS WAF is easy to deploy and protect applications deployed on either Amazon CloudFront as part of your CDN solution, the Application Load Balancer that fronts all your origin servers, Amazon API Gateway for your REST APIs, or AWS AppSync for your GraphQL APIs. With AWS you can centrally define, manage & reuse your rules.

Easily monitor, block, or rate-limit bots

AWS WAF Bot Control lets you monitor and control bots or search engines that are visiting your application. The service provides detailed information about the type of device (e.g.: phone) trying to access an app along with its identifying details like category name; this makes it easy to get insight on visitors coming through via mobile devices!

Security integrated with applications

AWS WAF API and console let your DevOps define application-specific rules to increase web security during development. This not only protects you from attacks, but also gives the ability for increased rule enforcement at different points during development processes which helps ensure quality standards are met across all apps in production

Sample Architecture Diagram

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