Company Introduction - AWS Consulting Partner

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About us

AWS Advanced Partner

We help customers realize the true potential of public cloud computing by building innovative solutions using the trusted, tested, and most innovative technologies. Our solutions guarantee business continuity, application reliability, data security, and continuous improvement for your mission-critical business applications.

With years of cloud strategy and solution-building experience on AWS, our team can help you meet your business objectives for cloud adoption. We ensure that solutions architectured by our team result in increased efficiency, reliable applications, secure data, and higher user satisfaction while meeting or exceeding all compliance standards.

Brand Story

Over the decades, the co-founders worked with many global brands and large IT organizations. During this period, the founders felt that there is a true need for cloud technology experts who can provide customer focused solutions. Industries are always on the lookout for experienced professionals who can assist and guide businesses to maximize their operational efficiency.

Our specialized AWS team is certified, experienced, and focused on delivering the most advanced AWS capabilities to our customers.


Offering smart solutions for modern IT challenges

We are striving to fulfill the cloud’s potential and provide maximum value to our clients through well-architected cloud solutions. As an AWS consulting partner, we pride ourselves on our sought-after AWS certified team members being incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in cloud technologies.

Ready to make your business more efficient?

How do we shape cloud success?

  • Automate cloud resource provisioning
  • Streamline CI/CD Processes & application deployment
  • Optimize cloud usage
  • Secure cloud resources

Leverage the multiple offerings, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reliability of AWS with our experts

  • Multiple Offerings

    AWS offers a wide range of compute, network, and storage solutions

  • Lower costs

    AWS is able to offer lower-cost products because of their scale.

  • Scalability

    Customers can provision products and services that scale as per need

  • Global

    Ability to deploy your mission critical business applications globally

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are a team of trusted cloud partners with diverse expertise. With years of experience in building cloud strategy and solutions on AWS, we can help you grow your business, accelerate innovation, and strengthen customer relationships.

Our reliable cloud integrated services help you keep in touch with tomorrow. At HPC, we deliver secure, scalable, and production-ready automated solutions, built on best practices and AWS well-architected model.

Monthly cloud spend reduced from $470K to less than $200K for a multi-billion-dollar clothing retailer within 6 weeks

Technologies Used: AWS Trusted AdvisorCustom ScriptsAWS Cost Explorer

After a comprehensive cloud architecture review, our AWS experts managed to pull a 40% cloud spend reduction for a $6 Billion revenue clothing. See how our best practices ensure a healthy cloud spend.