SRE is not "incident management" only, its much more

Our Site Reliability Engineering team ensures that your applications and services are available for your customers/users uninterrupted and at lightning speed, thus enabling you to focus on your actual business and not worry about the deployment or reliability of IT infrastructure/services.
Our SRE team is not merely an “incident management” team, instead we strive to devise and implement robust strategies and automation mechanisms to ensure that your site is standing on a system built on best practices and optimized technology solutions.
In the unlikely event of an issue with production systems, we ensure that we have implemented necessary checks and balances, and automation, to ensure that the system is reverted back to a known safe state without any delay.

Site Reliability Review

Once HPC Team is engaged for Site Reliability review work, we generally review following aspects of site:

  • Review if Alerts and monitoring set up is appropriate and come up with site alerts and monitoring plans which can suit customers budgets and resources
  • We review and check current incident response plan and find as well issues/concerns with existing plans and provide appropriate mitigations
  • Review Current CDN setup for site and how effective is current static and dynamic caching and edge location availability
  • Review Web application firewall and other security settings for threat protection policies and DDOS and other vulnerability protection mechanisms . we provide complete web application security plan as well as can implement them

HPC team expertise

HPC team has expertise in a wide range of tools and technologies for protecting and securing a web site. Some of theres are listed below.

  • AWS CLoudfront and AWS WAF
  • F5 NGINX Plus app Protect