Kubernetes DevOps Services

High Plains Computing (HPC) provides premium DevOps Services for Kubernetes Clusters. We build Kubernetes based MicroClouds and on-prem Kubernetes solutions.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP)

High Plains Computing is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider 

Setup and Install

We create a robust K8s cluster with all control plane services fully clustered and backed up. We use Kubenetes best practices to ensure a secure , reliable cluster with all configuration and data back up facilities.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

The Kubernetes clusters we create, are ready for modernizing your application stack to the new and exciting world of containers and microservices . We set up efficient CI/CDs for microservices development which can cope with any level of complexity. Our DevOps will help teams using diverse development languages and toolchains to bring agility in the development process . We use Argo, Helm, Ansible and Terraform to automate the rollout of all components and infrastructure needed for application development.

Service Mesh Architecture

Our DevOPs are expert in cloud computing and will help you set up ingress controllers, API gateways, service proxies, and help development team with every aspect of service mesh architecture using tools like Istio.

Production and SRE

Our DevOps team will make your Kubernetes cluster production ready. We will help you select best of the breed container storage integration (CSI) and pod networking addons for your Kubernetes cluster. Our production grade clusters will have unmatched performance for real world workload. Our DevOps teams is expert in site reliability engineering practices and will be your trusted advisors and partners to rollout Kubernetes based microservices and applications.

Migrate to Kubernetes

We help migrate existing applications that have been deployed on the public cloud to Kubernetes. Kubernetes offers much better options for application maintenance, reliability, scalability, and reduces overall operating costs. It also reduces the chance of vendor lock-in. We provide step by step guidelines and best practices for migrating applications deployed as Lambdas/Cloud functions or in any propriety deployment models, such as AWS ECS, to the open and cloud native Kubernetes platform. 


We train DevOps  and application developers for Kubernetes development and administration. We help dev team to leverage service mesh architecture using Istio. We help DevOps leverage tools like Argo, Helm, and Terraform to automate application deployments.

On-Prem Kubernetes for Application Development

We provide a comprehensive Kubernetes Application Development environment for your data centers on-prem locations. Our devices include all hardware, software, security, and reliability to get you started with your Kubernetes application development.

On-Prem Kubernetes for Production

We set up and provision on-prem infrastructure for kubernetes. On-prem kubernetes production environment offer significant advantages – in terms of consolidation, efficiency, data security, and management – while delivering resilience, high-performance, and easy to scale infrastructure. We design and build Kubernetes for production with unmatched performance and significant cost reduction as compared to public cloud offerings.

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